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Here are some comments from some of our customers.

Dear FancyFeathers,

We have been purchasing toys from you for almost 2 years.   The prices are great and our rescue parrots really enjoy them.  With plenty of colors, vairiety and sizes the birds always have something to play with!  Thanks Janice for helping to bring some happiness and playfulness into a rescue parrots heart.   I highly recommend FancyFeathers Bird Toys to everyone I know who has parrots or comes in looking to adopt.
Wendy Waas

Ziggy's Haven Bird Sanctuary, Jacksonville, Florida

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to endorse FancyFeathers Bird Toys, designed and produced by Janice Seyler.  These high-quality bird toys will provide your psittacines with hours of enrichment and play time.

I use a variety of FancyFeathers Bird Toys for my own birds (and pet monkeys).  I find that they hold up well, and the birds are attracted by the bright colors, interesting shapes and textures.  They are a great value for the money.

I know that you will be pleased with the toys from FancyFeathers, and so will your birds.  As with all bird toys, you should supervise your birds while they are interacting with their toys during playtime.

Margaret A. Wissman, DVM, DABVP, Avian Practice

Wesley Chapel, Florida

Dear FancyFeathers Bird Toys,

I met you and your husband at the Brooksville bird show today.  I was so impressed with the toys that I purchased from you that I couldn't wait to contact my fellow bird lovers to tell them about your toys and your website.  The quality and prices of your toys will definitely make me a repeat customer.  I'm so glad I found you!

Michele S.

Brooksville, FL


I bought some bird toys from you yesterday at the Gainesville Pet Market and just wanted to let you know that the umbrella's cage has been cleaned with new toys and he LOVES them.  I will definitely be ordering your toys again.  My umbrella, Cheyenne, is happily playing, and it makes me happy to see him enjoy your unique toys.  Thank you so much for what you do and for making my boys so happy.

Bobbie LeNeave

Starke, Florida


I got my order today and I just had to email you to say how happy I am with all of it.  Beautiful workmanship.  I have never seen any toys so GREAT!  Everything about them is just beautiful; the materials, colors, large sizes, right down to the leather tag that says FancyFeathers.  You have me for a customer ... Great work and prices.

Wendy Winsted

Floral City, Florida

Dear FancyFeathers,

My wife Lori and I have been buying bird toys from you for a couple of years now and are completely satisfied with the prices and quality of your products.

Alan and Lori Bragg

Palm Harbor, Florida

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