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As most of you know, FancyFeathers Bird Toys was created almost 20 years ago by Kent and Janice Seyler.  You, our customers, have made us successful beyond our wildest dreams!  It has been a wonderful and fun 20 years of creating toys and making friends.

Seven months ago, Kent was diagnosed with cancer.  I am sorry to say he lost his battle with this horrible disease on April 15.

I need some time, my friends, but the bird toy business will continue.  I won't be able to attend all the bird fairs like we used to, as it is just too much for one person to manage.

I will continue with the website.  I know we are out of a lot of favorites, but please be patient with me.  I will start making toys again in the coming weeks and get them back on the website.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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