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Call FancyFeathers Bird Toys in Brooksville and Tampa, Florida, for quality large, medium, and small bird toys at reasonable prices.  Your feathered pet will love our unique top-of-the-line bird toys.  All of our products are 100% bird safe.  FancyFeathers Bird Toys specializes in bird toys for large exotic birds such as cockatoos, parrots, macaws, etc., using wood, cotton rope, coconuts, veggie-tanned leather, bells, safe plastics, and other unique items, fancy feathers. 

Known for value, many of our customers say they love our toys because they are high quality and they give many hours of chewing fun.  Plus, our prices are excellent and the selection is unique.  You may have seen us at one of the bird fairs in Florida.  Everything we sell is bird-safe and is made using all natural products such as 
cotton rope, wood colored with food coloring, bamboo, bells, safe plastics, veggie-tanned leather, natural coconuts, and other unique items.  Our bird toys are unlike any others!

Bird - Contact us in Tampa, Florida, for bird toys for caged birds.
Bird - Contact us in Tampa, Florida, for bird toys for caged birds.

We have heard so many people ask, "Why buy toys that our birds are just going to destroy?"  I always say a toy that lasts is a toy your feathered pal doesn't like.  Birds in the wild spend most of their days foraging for food and/or shelter.  Our pet birds have all their needs handed to them pretty much on a silver platter.  Without toys there is nothing to satisfy a bird's need to forage, to shred, etc., leaving nothing to do but pluck and scream from boredom. 

Watch your birds - they get great pleasure out of turning their newest toy into a million toothpicks for you to clean up!  Our toys combine soft wood and other items for that "instant gratification" as well as harder wood pieces that take a little longer to chew.  They are tested by our quality control department - Grace the scarlet macaw and Meg the greenwing.  Tobi the yellow collar macaw gets to test the smaller toys.  They always give their stamp of approval.

Contact us in Brooksville, Florida, for quality bird toys.

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